Nanotherapeutics IN VIVO Reprogramming


Pluripotent stem cell colony Figure 1. Pluripotent stem cell colony generated by reprogramming human fibroblast cells with Stemgenics functionalized nanoparticles.

Stemgenics' breakthrough platform nanotechnology
has industry-changing advantages over other
delivery systems

The patent-protected multi-functionalized nanoparticles very effectively deliver biologics including small molecules, peptides, proteins, siRNAs, miRNA and mRNAs alone or in various combinations into different intracellular compartments without toxicity and in the absence of DNA or virus which may cause mutagenesis and tumor formation.

The multi-functionalized nanoparticles are very stable and do not require extreme low temperatures in preparation or storage.

Most importantly, the multi-functionalized nanoparticle delivery may be used “in vivo” as “off the shelf” regenerative medicine therapeutics as a powerful and safe alternative to to time-consuming and expensive cell therapy approaches.

Stemgenics nanotechnology is applicable to a broad range of core-based and polymeric biodegradable nanoparticles approved by FDA for use in humans.

Stemgenics       uses biodegradable nanoparticles multi-functionalized with small and large molecules capable of reprogramming mature human cells into other pre-determined specialized cell types

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