Nanotherapeutics IN VIVO Reprogramming

Stemgenics disruptive industry-changing multi-specific

nanotherapeutics platform technology has broad applications
for therapeutic drug development

Stemgenics multi-functional nanoparticles may be used to introduce a wide range of bioactive molecules alone or in various combination into cells, tissues, organs, and organisms.

The Stemgenics technology uses patent-protected non-integrating multi- functionalized activated nanoparticles (NIMFA-NP) to deliver therapeutics. The NIMFA-NP are similar to FDA-approved nanoparticles and further modified with additional molecules to target intracellular processes. Stemgenics customizable NIMFA-NP can be functionalized with different bioactive molecules alone or in various combinations and control simultaneously several intramolecular targets, making them more robust and highly effective. Stemgenics nanotechnology protected with 12 issued and pending patents is well suited for regenerative medicine, revitalization and longevity, oncology, and vaccine and anti-viral nanotherapeutics.

Stemgenics Technology

Stemgenics Multi-Specific Nanotherapeutics Capabilities Include

Regenerative Medicine

  • Tissue rejuvenation, organ revitalizations and lifespan extension: in patient administration of nanoparticles functionalized with telomerase mRNA to rebuild chromosome telomeres and restart biological clock
  • Liver Regeneration: In vivo direct reprogramming of fibrotic cells/scar tissue of patients directly into functional hepatocytes for liver regeneration
  • Heart Regeneration: In vivo direct reprogramming of fibrotic cells/scar tissue formed after heart attack into beating cardiomyocytes for heart regeneration
  • Neurodegenerative Diseases: direct reprogramming of human fibroblasts to dopaminergic, GABAergic neurons or other neural cells for treatment of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases

mRNA vaccine and siRNA anti-viral therapeutics

  • Functionalization with one or more target gene-specific mRNA (mRNA-based vaccines) and/or target gene-specific siRNAs (anti-viral therapeutics)


  • Knock out expression of oncogenes with siRNA and restore expression of silenced tumor suppressor genes with mRNA

Drug Delivery

  • Intracellular delivery of small and/or large bioactive molecules of various origin including small molecules, peptides, proteins, antibodies, short miRNAs, siRNA, saRNA, mRNA alone or in various combinations for in vitro and in vivo therapeutic applications

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