Personalized Stem Cells by Stemgenics

Personalized Stem Cells


Pluripotent stem cell colony Figure 1. Pluripotent stem cell colony generated by reprogramming human fibroblast cells with Stemgenics functionalized nanoparticles.

Stemgenics' breakthrough reprogramming technology has industry-changing advantages over other stem cell technologies.

Dr. Shinya Yamanaka received the 2012 Nobel Prize for his work on reprogramming mature cells into stem cells using "viral infection" and expression. This was a major accomplishment, as attested by the Nobel Prize.

However, viral infection introduces DNA into cells that integrates in the genomic DNA, sometimes causing detrimental oncogenic changes. Therefore, it is not acceptable for clinical use to treat human diseases.

Stemgenics uses functionalized nanoparticles coated with small and large molecules capable of reprogramming mature human cells into stem cells.

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