Personalized Stem Cells by Stemgenics

Personalized Stem Cells

Stemgenics has developed a breakthrough technology

that converts mature skin cells into stem cells

Stemgenics Personalized Stem Cells may be used to regenerate any tissue of the human body.

Stem cells can grow and develop into any cell type of the body. They are not rejected, but are accepted by the body as its own cells. In Stemgenics' breakthrough process, cells from a small patch of skin are placed in cell culture. Our patent-pending functionalized nanoparticles are added and the skin cells are reprogrammed into stem cells.

These functionalized reprogramming nanoparticles are DNA- and virus-free. In contrast to virally-reprogrammed cells, the genome of personalized stem cells generated with the functionalized nanoparticles is intact and applicable for human use. These stem cells can be used in regenerative medicine without fear of rejection or immune response.

Generation of stem cells is highly efficient, so quantities of stem cells are readily available.

Stemgenics Technology

Stemgenics Personalized Stem Cells may treat a wide variety of conditions:

Stem cell transplant for cancer treatment

  • Own skin cells readily available - no tissue match needed.
  • No fear of rejection of transplanted cells.

Eye components regeneration

  • Age-related macular degeneration - regeneration of support cells below the retina.
  • Retinitis pigmentosa - regeneration of light-sensitive retinal cells.
  • Glaucoma - regeneration of retinal ganglion cells.

Stroke and trauma injury to visual cortex

  • Saving or restoring visual cortex nerve cells to improve vision.

Heart muscle regeneration

  • Regeneration of heart muscle tissue after heart attack.
  • Supplying heart connective tissue for regeneration or generation of heart compartments.

Musculoskeletal surgeries

  • Non-healing bone fractures and bone defects
  • Joint replacement
  • Muscle regeneration

Wound healing and hair restoration

  • Regeneration of burn victims' skin.
  • Stimulation of healing in difficult-to-heal wounds.
  • Skin rejuvenation and restoration.
  • Generation of personalized hair follicles to reverse baldness.

Bone marrow and various blood cells

  • Generation of personalized bone marrow stem cells for transplantation to treat leukemia and other malignancies.
  • Regeneration of various blood cell types.

Liver/hepatic dysfunction

  • Generation of liver tissue for treatment of cirrhosis.
  • Regeneration of hepatic tissue in various liver disorders including hepatitis and liver cancer.

Treatment of diabetes

  • Regeneration of beta-cells producing insulin.
  • Regeneration of blood vessels that support beta cells.
  • Regeneration of blood vessels in extremities with low circulation.

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